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Paparazzi OBX is dedicated to the thriving music and arts community here on OBX and many other places around the globe. It is our goal to plant a seed of inspiration in every person that walks through our door. We believe that with the right knowledge and tools, everyone can be a star!

If you are interested in attending any of our courses or would like to learn more, please let us know using the form below. Be sure to always check our website and social media sites for info on upcoming courses and events. Or, sign up for our digital newsletter at the bottom of this page to receive updates, and discounts directly to your email.

  • Vocals
  • Piano/Keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Brass
  • Woodwinds
  • Songwriting
  • Music Theory
  • Live Stage Performance
  • Acting/Theater
  • Modeling
  • Dance
  • Script Writing & Directing
  • Journalism
  • Modern Artist Marketing 101
  • The Power of Social Media
  • Audio Engineering and Production
  • Video Filming, Editing & Production
  • The Science of Live Sound
  • Live Sound Production
  • Broadcasting
  • Live Show Lighting
  • Photography and Film
  • Graphic Design

Paparazzi OBX is seeking professional, qualified instructors. If you believe you are qualified to instruct a course on any of the above subjects, please email your resume to


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